Record your Dreams.


You are invited to share a space of collected dreams.


Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All is an interactive sound installation, on view at the Logan Center for the Arts (University of Chicago) October 15-November 15, 2021.

During this time, an intimate space for collective dreaming has been opened to the public, where a soft and continuous stream of collected dreams–gathered from around the world through this site–could be heard.


The recording of dreams will be reactivated in the occasion of the featuring of  the next “Dreaming is Common to All” project


With this project, we hope to honor collective generosity through the sharing of our most intimate and individual dreams in order that we might form a larger collective space—where dreaming is indeed welcome and common to all.




A Gathering of Dreams, Comfort Station, Chicago:

Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All:

Emilio Fantin: Recent work (OPC talk):