Improvvisazione Interiore

Fondazione Baruchello, Roma, 2022

Solo show

The Fondazione Baruchello hosted Improvvisazione interiore (Interior Improvisation) (February to March 2022) presenting, in addition to the seven video The Light of Darkness, the short film Sciamani, and some drawings, a sound installation that resulted in a new version of the performance, from which the title of the exhibit was derived.



Improvvisazione Interiore, audio-recording. Performance by Emilio Fantin with Marco Fellini, Pani Galeazzi, Martina Magno, Elisa Ottaviani, Carla Subrizi


From the streams of thoughts and images of 6 people who participated, the generative dimension of the imagination emerged: not only in its potential in terms of creation of content, but its capacity for building a shared dimension.


Recording edited by Mattia Dei