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October 15–November 15, 2021

Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All

Solo Exhibition/Interactive Installation

Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago.

Opens October 15, 2021, Logan Center for the Arts.

Closing reception/listening party, Friday November 12, 7pm, Comfort Station, Chicago.


Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All is an interactive sound installation, on view at the Logan Center for the Arts (University of Chicago) October 15-November 15, 2021

During this time, an intimate space for collective dreaming will be open to the public, where a soft and continuous stream of collected dreams–gathered from around the world through this site–can be heard.

With this project, we hope to honor collective generosity through the sharing of our most intimate and individual dreams in order that we might form a larger collective space—where dreaming is indeed welcome and common to all.


Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All  invites the public to virtually upload narrations of their dreams to a dedicated website. These recorded dreams will be broadcast continuously as part of Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All, an audio intervention/installation at the Logan Center for the Arts (University of Chicago) and co-hosted by GATHER, at Comfort Station (Logan Square), Chicago.

Fantin website/link to record dreams:


Curated by Katherine Desjardins with Gabi Scardi (Milan), in collaboration with the Open Practice Committee (part of the Department of Visual Art at the University of Chicago),  Comfort Station, Chicago (an alternative space in Chicago dedicated to public programs led by the community, at the intersection of art and life), and the experimental music series, GATHER.


For updated information regarding public program Covid-related requirements at the Logan Center for the Arts:



October 8–November 12, 2021

A Gathering of Dreams

Comfort Station (Logan Square), Chicago. (Virtual, ongoing)


A series of collateral events in conjunction with Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All. This series is organized by GATHER, an experimental music series based at the Comfort Station, Chicago, and is curated by Allen Moore, Nick Meryhew and Rebecca Himelstein.


On October 8th, GATHER will launch A Gathering of Dreams, an ongoing call for audio recordings of dreams in conjunction with the Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All  exhibition at the Logan Center for the Arts.


Information on how to record and submit dreams can be found at:

Dreams can be recorded directly through Fantin’s website, here:


Free and open to the public.

Comfort Station

2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647           




Monday, November 8, 2021 at 6pm

Emilio Fantin: Recent Work

Sciamans – Screening/Performance

Logan Center for the Arts, Performance Penthouse

University of Chicago


Emilio Fantin will present a short film and a live and in-person performance- for members of the UChicago arts community.


Presented by the Open Practice Committee in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago.


Masks and proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 test are required for entry to this in-person event at the Logan Center. Learn more here:



Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 6pm

SIDEBAR: Awakenings: In Conversation with Emilio Fantin

Video Screening/Conversation

Gray Center Laboratory, University of Chicago


Emilio Fantin will screen video footage from performances made in collaboration with the Casa dei Risvegli, a branch of Bologna’s Bellariva Hospital (dedicated to recovery of patients emerging from deep-state coma) and survivors of deep-state coma. Fantin will be in conversation with invited guests.


Presented by the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at the University of Chicago

929 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637


**This free event has limited space and is first-come-first-served.

This is an in-person event. Masks must be worn by all in attendance. Guests over the age of 12 must provide either proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the event, proof of a positive COVID-19 test within 14-90 days of the event with affirmation that you are not experiencing any symptoms, or a valid University of Chicago ID (UCID).

 Additional information about UChicago Arts COVID-19 safety protocols can be found here:




A Gathering of Dreams: Closing Reception and Listening Party

Comfort Station

2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL 60647


The final in a series of collateral events in conjunction with Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All. This series is organized by GATHER, an experimental music series at the Comfort Station and is curated by Allen Moore, Nick Meryhew and Rebecca Himelstein.


Join GATHER, along with artist Emilio Fantin for a celebratory presentation of audio recorded dreams collected over the course of GATHER’s virtual call, A Gathering of Dreams . Audiences are invited to listen as well as to contribute to Fantin’s growing global audio archive of dreams.

Free and open to the public. ***This event will be held outdoors and socially distanced.

More information:   

GATHER Contact: Nick Meryhew             





September 21 & 22, 2021

The Light of Darkness (La luce del Buio)

Performance in collaboration with MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art, Bologna).


In collaboration with the Amici Di Luca- “Dopo… by Nuovo” theater workshop at the “Casa dei Risvegli Luca De Nigris”, Bologna.


October 26 – December 8, 2021

The Light of Darkness (La luce del Buio)

Solo exhibition.

Palazzo Barolo, Turin

Curated by Gabi Scardi with Katherine Desjardins (Chicago).


Exhibit hosted by PARI, (Polo delle Arti Relazionale e Irregolari) in conjunction with Rassegna Singolare e Plurale 2021, a project sponsored the City of Turin and Opera Barolo, curated by Artenne and Forme in bilico.


October 8 – February 2021

The Light of Darkness

Fondazione Baruchello, Rome

Curated by Gabi Scardi with Katherine Desjardins (Chicago).





The Chicago exhibition Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is common to All,  is part of a larger project, Awakenings (Risvegli), curated by Gabi Scardi, with Katherine Desjardins (Chicago); with support from Centro Itard Lombardia, and sponsored by the Italian Council Prize (8th Edition, 2020), a program for the promotion of contemporary Italian art in the world, administered through the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.


In Fantin’s work, the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious emerges constantly as a theme, as does the relationship to one’s body, living with anomaly, and the possibility of constructing a second existence for oneself after a radical life-change.


At the center of this project is the artist’s ongoing investigation into states of awakened consciousness, the dream, and sleep. This research has led to Fantin’s recent work with coma, involving collaboration with a series of individuals who are deep-state coma survivors, all of whom express with remarkable life force sensations of renewed horizons, despite having undergone tragic traumatic experiences.


It is in this context that the artist has developed the Integrator: a spatial device of environmental dimensions able to integrate differing states of consciousness, that is, to promote one-on-one encounters between individuals, some of whom are coma survivors.


The Awakenings project is accompanied by the launch of a virtual platform: , a website conceived of as a dynamic space of participation. A dedicated link invites members of the public to record a narration of a dream. This on-going collection of dreams will be broadcast continuously, as part of the exhibit  Emilio Fantin: Dreaming is Common to All, on view at the Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago, October 15–November 15, 2021.


The Awakenings project is accompanied by a publication dedicated to the artist’s work.





Emilio Fantin sets the conditions for dialectic exchange between differing forms of knowledge– from mathematical logic, to agriculture, to the world of dreams. He investigates the relationship between plants, earth and other forms of life through the lens of biodynamics, making manifest their aesthetic character through implementation of artistic process.


His forays into the field of logic aim to illuminate boundaries between reason and intuition as fertile ground for provocative insight and overlap.  Fantin operates from the conviction that flow, impulse, intention and movements of thought–albeit subjective, invisible, and immaterial–constitute the very real origin of concrete and manifest fact.


Fantin creates spaces and situations which facilitate a sharing of the non-geographic zones of sleep and the dream. In these zones, intense dynamics of exchange are generated–what Fantin refers to as “the social aspect of dreams”, a search for those unique and hidden bonds that animate the life of a community.


Fantin’s practice is particularly engaged with pedagogy as a form of dialogue, expressed as the Art of Conversation, alongside the concept of Invisible Community, in which the poetic and evocative aspects of social life become daily practice.


Since 2005, he is Professor of Architecture and Society at the University of Milan Polytechnic School of Architecture, where an early pedagogical experiment he co-founded developed into the experimental educational laboratory known as  “Architecture and Art in Public Space”. During this period, he established the  “Public Art Observatory”, a research facility for art in public spaces.


Fantin currently leads the “Dynamica” project, a nomadic study group dedicated to cross-disciplinary research into the relationship between differing areas of knowledge. He is co-founder of the Lu Cafausu project at the Lac o le Mon Foundation, a residency and center for artistic research in San Cesario di Lecce, Puglia. He has lectured widely, including the Art Institute of Chicago (2012), and has collaborated with the Free Home University, sponsored by the Musagetes Foundation, Ontario (2013/14).


Emilio Fantin has exhibited in major Italian and international exhibition venues including: Sensibile Comune GNAM, Galleria Nazionale Arte Moderna, Roma (2016); ASU Art Museum at Arizona State University (2013), Documenta 13 (2012); Frasq, International Festival of Performance, Paris (2011); Performa, New York, (2007); Venice Biennials (1993, 1999, 2008).







Katherine Desjardins +1 617-426-7805/ | +39  348 60 35 407


Open Practice Committee, University of Chicago

The Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry          at the University of Chicago


GATHER:  Nick Meryhew          


Comfort Station (Logan Square)

2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL 60647



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